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-The oldest illustrations-
[Updated 2023]

The Cave of Altamira, located at the Spanish region of Cantabria, is the first place in the planet where rock art was identified (Upper Paleolithic period) from 36,000 years ago. That means, from the beginning of our civilization, our ancestors used illustrations to describe the world around them. In this particular case, the details of the bison make clear the notions of three-dimensionality, naturalism, abstraction and symbolism of primitive humans.

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Illustrated by @darwid_illustration
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-Art, Science and Humor-

From rock art, through the great discoveries such as those from da Vinci and Darwin, to the most modern language such as memes, humans use illustration to describe the different dimensions that make up as a species.

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-So, what scientific illustration is?-

In particular, scientific illustration is a type of art that allows us to explain different facts of nature through an accurate, simple and clear illustration, connecting each individual with the knwoledge obtained from scientific method.

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